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Courtesy of Lester Smith - lantern slide collector UK
Lantern slides of torpedo firing probably 1900 or earlier. The slides are labelled 'West' in the bottom left corner. (click picture to open in a new window)

Courtesy of Lester Smith, lantern slide collector UK
Higher resolution Images from slides shown above (click picture to open in a new window)
Torpedoes were fired from hulks which formed part of HMS Vernon in Portsmouth Harbour. In the background is the boom used to moor the ship's working boats and the climbing ladders and ropes to man them. Alfred West included film of drills called 'Manning the Cutter' on booms like this as part of the 'Our Navy' film series.

Royal Sovereign Class Battleship

This picture, part of the Barnes Collection, is taken from the main fighting top looking forward. Crew members are seen on the foredeck weighing anchor. The picture is most probably of the British battleship HMS Royal Sovereign (1891-1913) which was the largest ship of her day. The picture shows a very fine quality of composition, human interest in the subject and technical mastery. The print is authenticated in the bottom right corner with the 'West & Son Southsea' impressed stamp.

Full Picture

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Central Detail
This detail taken from the original print shows the quality and detail that could be obtained in the 1890s from dry plates.

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Photos Courtesy of William Barnes and Barnes Collection